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Best Known For: His UFO Incident Making U. S. Hist

1st State Inducted UFO Incident in the U.S.

Officially Inducted Into U.S. History


  • The Thom Reed UFO Incident is our Nations 1st and only UFO incident to be officially inducted into the United States as historically significant & true. 

Thom Reed UFO Monument Park


  • The Monument and UFO Park reaffirm the areas extraordinary history. The Monument represents the first UFO incident to be officially inducted into State as historically significant and true. 

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  • Discovery Channel, Science Channel & Travel 

UFO Monument - Historic Marker

Historic Marker: December 6th 2018


  • ABC News 
  • CBS News
  • Boston Globe
  • Fox Red Sofa
  • Berkshire Eagle
  • Washington Times
  • Good Morning Canada
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Governor Charles Baker

  • The Off-World Incident which engaged the Reed Family has been established. The incident was factually upheld.  The Historic off-world event is now part of the MA Historical Society's Collection and Reed's recent induction into MA History. 

State Historical Society

  • We have Formally and Officially Inducted the first Off-World / UFO case in U.S. History, due to Factual and Corroborated Evidence   by way of Massachusetts Historians: The Historical Society confirms that the Reed Off-World Incident is historically significant and true and warrants induction 

  • The Reed off-world/ufo incident was broadcast on GT Barrington's own WSBS Radio Station marking the Incident which occurred on Sept 1st 1969. 

Director Historical Society

  • History is a story of the past that is significant and true, the Reed case is one of those amazing stories."  

  • WSBS Radio, a CE rating by the air force, the event was widely witnessed to include notarized firsthand testimony and a recent polygraph test

Boston Globe

  • Mainstream Historical Society & Museum has declared a UFO encounter to be historical fact. Dozens of people in the area reported seeing it. WSBS radio which covered the sightings has provided documentation  

Berkshire Eagle

  • The inscription on the monument hails the official induction of our Nations first off-world/UFO incident. The event now resides alongside Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party in the annals of Massachusetts history 

ABC News

  • The Reed family honored with monument. The commemorative monument is dedicated to the official induction of our Nations First Off-World Incident. 

Detective White

  • It is the opinion of this investigator, based on the whole of evidence; extensive interviews with both brothers and other witnesses, polygraph examination and physical evidence collected and analyzed, that the Reed family have had extraordinary encounters with an unknown powerful force.  

MUFON Director's Letter HS

  • It should be noted that in the 1980's and mid 1990's Attorney Robert Blatchman Investigated the Reed Family Case. At the time he was the public relations director for mufon. The outline of the case involved their legally retained attorney Robert Bletchman who discussed the Reed file at the United Nations Symposium on Oct 2nd 1992 in support of GA 33 /426. Robert maintained an alliance with J. Allen Hyenk.  ( Jan C. Harzan Executive Director )


  • WSBS reported in a news broadcast in Sept of 1969 the sighting of a disk shaped object that witnesses say descended from the sky over the Reed family horse farm at 1554 Boardman Street. It should be noted that pillars of the community had come forward and reported observing the disk shaped object in 1969 and still talk about it today.  

Advanced Polygraph

  • During the pretest interview Mr. Reed recounted several encounters. The questions for this exam are focusing on whether or not he is deliberately lying to this examiner about the encounter and being on the spacecraft. RESULTS: No Deception Indicated Passed 99.1% 

Roswell Daily Record

  • The Reed family has made U.S. history. Their 1969 encounter is the first case in the United States to be declared by historians as a true event. For historians or a township to officially induct an historical event and for it to be considered true history, it must have had a life-changing impact on the area in one way or another. Whether that impact was positive or negative.   

Historian | Judge Titus

  • The commemorative bench along with the City Proclamation accrediting the family is a profound testament to the case and the family. 



  • Roswell UFO Museum in NM
  • Historical Society & Museum in MA
  • Pine Bush Museum in NY

Mainstream News Coverage

  • Boston Globe, Washington Times, the Berkshire View, Chicago Tribune, Berkshire Eagle, Knoxville News Sentinel, the Roswell Daily Record, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Berkshire Magazine, Metro Pulse. Toronto News. NY Post.
  • FOX. ABC. CBS. 

Washington Times

  • The historical society believes it is the first time a “mainstream” historical society or museum in the United States has declared a UFO encounter to be historical fact 

  • We’re going to get hammered,” she said. “But we have given it an awful lot of thought, and, based on the evidence we’ve been given, we believe this is a significant and true event.” 

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Berkshire Magazine

  • Reed's encounter was officially inducted as the first UFO account to be validated as an actual historic event. Reed returned to the site of the encounter commemorating that strange September evening